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Get discounts on classes and workshops and find out about upcoming events first, as well as exclusive events and workshops.  Runs from 1st June to 31st May. Adults £25, Under 18s £15

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The art of balancing people on people, usually involving a base and a flyer.  The base lifts and counter-balances, and the flyer holds a strong position to create spectacular shapes.  Acrobalance is a great way to build mutual trust and confidence and stay healthy and active.  Suitable for all levels. 

Adult classes on Wednesday evenings, 7:30 - 9pm


Aerial acrobatics on a bar suspended by two ropes.  A staple of circuses all over the world and one of the earliest aerial arts. Brilliant for developing upper body and core strength, and one of our most popular classes.  Classes for all levels available. 

Youth and Adult Classes for all levels on Monday and Tuesday evenings



Learn how to execute rolls, cartwheels, somersaults and acrobatic manoeuvres with the assistance of trampettes, crash matts and an air track that assists with momentum and landings like a sprung floor.  An exciting way to gain strength and stamina. 

Adult courses on Monday and Tuesday 7:30-9pm, next courses start 9th/10th Jan

Chinese Pole

The only Chinese pole lessons in Manchester.  Climb, slide down and learn to pull off acrobatic feats on a steel pole with a nylon covering.  Beginner courses run for 6 weeks on rotation. 



The art of climbing, suspending, and dropping on suspended fabric.  Massively popular, a stunning spectacle and great exercise.  All levels welcome.  Thursday evenings. 

Youth Circus

Juggling, balancing, manipulation and aerial acrobatics!  Join in, make friends, and even perform in our shows!  Open to all, parents can stay, and we also have parkour and aerial classes available.