About Us

“A team of teachers, technical staff, volunteers, friends, members and visitors make The Circus House an inspiring organisation of dedicated and caring individuals who put on a great show and brighten the streets and stages of Manchester and beyond.”
— Ben & Gisèle (Student and Parent)

Simple Values


Everyone is welcome at The Circus House. Beginners, professionals and everyone in between. We welcome all communities of Greater Manchester and extend our welcome to the international circus community.


We try our best to make our training facilities available and affordable to as many people as possible. Some of the ways we do this are by running taster sessions, one off workshops and offering storage space to professionals.


The Circus House is run solely for the benefit of the people that use it. All of our profits go back into the company to provide new equipment and better facilities so we can continually offer more to the people that use our services. 



We are a community and we are supported by teachers, volunteers, families, members, visitors, professionals and organisations.







Pete the Juggler.jpg

With more juggling tricks than you can shake a stick at, Pete teaches manipulation of all sorts of objects to our youth circus groups. A keen yoga practitioner, Pete maintains fluidity and charisma whether he is juggling clubs, contact balls, or knives.

Mill House

Millhouse Unicycle

An expert on a unicycle, and expert with a set of juggling balls, and an extraordinary fusion of both at the same time, Mill House is an experienced performer and teacher and frequently collaborates with The Circus House to bring wonderful experiences into the world with his unmatched charisma. 


Neil Aerial and Tech

A keen stilt walker and aerialist, Neil abandoned a career in law to do web design and circus performing full time. He now performs with The Circus House, helps with aerial teaching and is responsible for managing the website and social media. 



Brendan Silks

With five years' dance training under his belt Brendan didn't take long making himself at home doing aerial circus arts. Now a competent performer on trapeze, silks, hoop and cloud swing, Brendan teaches our advanced trapeze students at The Circus House on Monday evenings.


Our newest team-member has 10 years teaching experience in gymnastics and seven years coaching experience, including training competitors for international tournaments. He provided stunt advice for film and TV productions, and he gets on well with dogs. 


Tanya - Aerial Silks - Circus

A qualified sports rehabilitator who trains and performs within the circus and aerial community, Tanya has several UK aerial titles and teaches aerial hoop and silks. Tanya's flexibility workshops are the best around. There's nobody we'd rather force our legs gradually into a split. 



Jojo Slackline

Anything tied to anything at The Circus House needs a green light from Jojo before people can start swinging from it. An essential part of the framework here at The Circus House, Jojo makes sure all aerial equipment is rigged professionally and safely for our aerial acrobats. 


Mike Sound Tech

With an ear for music and an eye for performance, Mike has been in charge of queuing the sound and lighting for many of The Circus House productions. He can sometimes be found on a trapeze or tangled up in a diablo, and DJs around Manchester as Mike E Freedom. 


Ellie Chinese Pole

With a background in social work and experience practicing meditative yoga, Ellie brings a valuable contribution to youth circus as well as trapeze lessons and community shows.



Nat Manchester Day

A former rock climber and social worker, Natalya found us after looking to run away and join the circus, and has since developed an impressive roster of skills as an aerialist and on the ground.


Pete Human Tower

From a background in parkour and free running in the Netherlands, with increasingly strong acrobalance skills and a master's degree in Human Movement Science, Peter joins us to help teach acrobalance.


Friends of The Circus House